Superlative Living Room Curtains

Are you looking out to decorate your living rooms with luxury curtains? Then at curtains and blinds Dubai we are providing the best collection of living room curtains. Every one seeks for the perfect combination of living room curtains which matches with the furniture and flooring of your room. We have widest range of varieties of living room curtains of different, stunning and unique styles, designs, patterns, layout and colors. Our Merchandise of living room curtains have collection of different curtains i.e. Blackout curtains, house curtains, sheer curtains, blackout curtains, linen curtains, cotton curtains, silk curtains and resort curtains. Perfection and decoration of your living room depends upon the these 3 factors;

  • Window curtains
  • Wall paint coloration
  • Sitting sofas/chairs.
Living Room Curtains

Keeping this in mind we are providing top quality window curtains, portray offerings and collection of custom made sofas. Sofa repairing service is also available at curtains and blinds Dubai.  

Living room curtains have both decorative and protective function. Its luxurious and fashionable look satisfies the décor taste of the customers and its protective function is to safeguard your privacy. 







Features of Our Living Room Curtains

Living Room Curtains
  • Durable and long lasting life time fabric.
  • Easy washing and dry cleaning formula which gives the new look to curtains. 
  • Market competitive and affordable rates
  • Anti-fire curtains
  • Protect your indoor privacy.
  • Block incoming excessive sunlight, stabilize temperature and make the indoor temperature cool and moderate.
  • Free sample checking, free nationwide delivery and free installation services will be provided to you at your door step.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are leading name in the curtains industry of UAE. We are famous for exceptional products and services across the United Arab Emirates.
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  • Unable to find the desired one? Then you can also order the customized living room curtains.
  • We are also dealing with our customers through our online website Our website is equipped with all the information regarding our products and services. You can view our catalogues, get prices of our products and request quotations through this website. 
  • Looking for further assistance? Then feel free to ask queries at or dial our number 056 600 9626 and get answered instantly. 
  • Our free, fast and efficient delivery and installation service is available in all the areas of United Arab Emirates. 

Where to find us?

The services and products of Curtains and Blinds Dubai are available across all the states of U A E in Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quawain, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Abu Dhabi. You can shop with us throughout the Gulf countries i.e. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman. 


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Living Room Curtains

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Living Room Curtains

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The choice of colour for living room curtains depends on various factors such as the overall colour scheme, decor style, and personal preferences. However, some commonly recommended colours for living room curtains are neutral tones like white, beige, grey, or cream, as they can complement a wide range of interior styles and provide a versatile backdrop for other elements in the room.

Yes, curtains can significantly enhance the aesthetic of a living room. They add texture, colour, and visual interest to the space, creating a finished and polished look. Curtains also have the ability to soften the room's ambiance, add depth, and create a focal point. By choosing the right fabric, pattern, and style, curtains can elevate the overall design and create a more inviting and cosy atmosphere.

According to Vastu, the ancient Indian system of architecture, it is believed that light and airy curtains in soft, soothing colours are generally considered suitable for a living room. Avoid heavy and dark-coloured curtains as they may create a sense of heaviness and restrict the flow of positive energy in the space. Opt for natural fabrics and gentle patterns that promote a harmonious and calming atmosphere.

The need for curtains when blinds are already installed depends on personal preference and the desired functionality. While blinds provide privacy and light control, curtains can add a decorative touch, soften the window treatment, and enhance the overall aesthetic of the room. Curtains also have the advantage of offering additional insulation, sound absorption, and the ability to completely block out light when necessary. Ultimately, the decision to use curtains alongside blinds is subjective and depends on the individual's needs and style preferences.

No, it is not necessary for all the curtains in a living room to coordinate or match exactly. However, it is generally recommended to maintain a sense of visual harmony by selecting curtains that complement each other and the overall decor scheme. This can be achieved through coordinating colours, patterns, or fabric textures. Mixing and matching curtains can add visual interest and create a layered look, but it's important to ensure that they blend well together and contribute to a cohesive design concept.

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