Features of Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds are trending. Many manufacturers of home automation systems show their new products and easy seamless integration with leading blinds treatment providers. The combination of home automation and motorized blinds allows drapes to move in concert with other subsystems, like lighting, heating, and cooling equipment. It’s a potential that can be of advantage to your home, making motorized blinds treatments definitely worth thinking about. Here are the features of motorized blinds that will make your home beautiful.

They are effective at saving energy

When the blinds are down on a sunny day, solar gain is reduced. It means your home’s air conditioner can function more efficiently. On the other hand, when they are up you can turn off the room lights and rely on the sun. Shades can position themselves automatically according to the strength of the sun.

They assist in protecting your home from break-ins

When blinds treatments function all day long, it makes your house look like someone is at home. It gives a lived-in look which is an effective deterrent against burglars.

Other than manual shades, binds look enhanced

Motorized blinds are attached to a motorized rod, track, blind treatments lift, lower and traverse left and right without tugging on a cord. Minus pull cords, your blinds treatments give a look that’s fresh and modern. 

Moreover, the blinds treatments can be joined to start and stop and to line up perfectly across the blinds.

Blinds are available in a variety of fabrics

There’s no lack of sets. When it comes to choosing a piece of fabric attached to hardware, there are textures, colors, and opacities that run the gamut. There are many solutions to fit the designs and decors of every room of your house.

Blinds can be customized and fit to all shapes and sizes

Blinds have transitioned from being a utilitarian feature to an architectural feature of a home. They are in the shape of a circle, trapezoid, and feature interesting arches and angles in today’s homes. The fabrics and hardware of motorized blinds treatment solutions can be modified to fit the covers of blinds completely.

They move smoothly, quietly, and with precision

You would think that anything functioned by a motor would be noisy; however, manufacturers have developed units that are almost noise-free. In addition, the motors are tuned so well that the movement occurs smoothly. Thanks to the controls of apps, mobiles, remotes, keypads, etc. They come with the blinds treatment mechanisms where you can choose several stopping areas along with shades or drapes moves to those exact spots without fail.

They can be activated by AC or batteries

Just like there are fabric options, there are options available for powering the motors. For years, electrical power was the only option, but now battery-driven units have been increasing in popularity. Both batteries and AC work well; however, having these two options are helpful and gives the market to owners of condos, apartments, and homes where installing new electrical wiring could prove to be difficult.

They aren’t just for blinds

You can use the hardware and hang up a drape to coat a projection screen in your home theater when it’s not used. You can even divide a room into two sections. Many people have even used a large roller shade as a video screen.

Blinds are safer for your family than manual controls

Pets, kids, or even your hands can get jumbled up in the pull cords of the manual shading program. Avoid it by going with a motorized solution.

Combination units stimulate creativity

There are several options you can opt to customize your blinds and modified hardware that will suit various combinations of treatments. These are:

  • powerful, and quiet motors
  • battery and plug-in options are available
  • battery is hidden to give a sleek look

You will love it when you will be able to move them or individually from the convenience of wall-mounted, or a mobile app.

Blinds adds R-Value

Motorized blinds can add insulation value to your windows. The roller and honeycomb blinds show an R-value of 4.3. So, get motorized drapes that will add an insulating layer to your windows.

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