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Houses always need extra care and attention. It is for the house that you work day and night. Getting your own house is a dream that you want to turn into reality as soon as possible. We all know getting a house these days is not an easy task. So, when you work hard and you get one, you want to make the best of it. You want to work on every corner of your house and turn your dreams into reality finally. For the home décor of you house, you have to be extra careful. You have to pay heed at every minor detail that has a great impact on your guests. You want to work on the details to get all the praise. Curtain rods are things that some people ignore at times. They are hidden things that have a huge impact. Curtains rods make your curtains look complete. If you are looking for some classic curtain rods online, then Curtains and Blinds Dubai is a place to visit today. 

Main Properties of Curtain rods

  • We offer both customized and made to measure curtain rods. 
  • You can let us know what kind of curtain rods you want and we make the ones for you.
  • Our curtain rods are free of bacteria and germs.
  • We have a vast variety of materials, themes, colors, patterns and designs.
  • Classic looks. 
  • Strong and durable. 
  • We bring you the fines quality.
  • Our prices are very reasonable. 
  • Extremely easy to clean.
  • Call us today and we send our team members at your place for demo session.
  • We provide doorstep delivery and installation services to all our clients.

Choose From Our Wide Variety

To drape your curtain, you need to have a strong and classy looking curtain rods . You can choose your favorite from our curtain rods .  

  • Tick stamp in Eyelet:

It gives a very good and smooth look to your whole drapery. You can look for the colors from our website for window ornaments, curtains rods and a theme look.

  • Tick check in Pinch Pleat:

The elegant looking product from our collection that has creases made for purpose. You can complete its look by customizing it further. 

  • Tick stamp in Pencil Pleat:

It is a normally used among our variety of curtain rods. It gives a perfect finished look to your drapery. 

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You should call us today to know about curtains rods. We offer a number of services and products to our clients. To get further information about curtain rods Abu Dhabi, call us at 056-600-9626 or send us a mail at